The "Tag Line" Never Give Up

My tag line is pretty self-explanatory but there are a few things that contributed to the phrase being included in my title.  First, I have always believed that we should never give up.   It is a motto in my life, at school, at work and as a parent.  I have consistently told my kids, "It's okay to cry, it's okay to get frustrated or angry but you don't give up, ever!"  It is a lot easier said than done but if we push through, I think we can come out the other side a little bit better.   Obviously, the situation may not be better but our ability to cope might be and our perspective of that struggle could change.  Sometimes, I laugh at the things I used to think were "the end of the world" but my perspective of what is difficult changes every time I go through something.  I want to add that there are some things that we have to stop, either for the sake of our health or relationships or whatever it might be but when it is for the greater good, it is not giving up, it is being wise.



Second, when I heard the song by,  for KING & COUNTRY,  "It's Not Over Yet",  for the first time, I was brought to tears.  It happened to be a "bad day" for me and I was in the mind-set "I can't do this!"  "I can't take this anymore!" I was driving home and the pain was so bad that I was sick to my stomach.  I knew when I got home I had a million things that needed to be done and that wasn't going to happen because my body was not cooperating.  I was mad at myself and feeling like I was worthless.   That song was the encouragement I needed to put my big girl panties on, suck it up and quit condemning myself for something I can't control.  I didn't go home and get everything done, or anything for that matter, but I did go home and I was okay with me.  What I do or can't do doesn't define me but how I respond to my inadequacies certainly plays a big part.

When I am having a "bad day", I play that song.  That song is my "jam"!  When it comes on, for me, it's like the beginning of a sporting event and they have music playing really loud (usually "We Will Rock You") to get everyone pumped up.  I imagine myself running around the house and completing things like Mary Poppins.  It's awesome and who knows, tomorrow I just might be up for a "Poppins" day.

About a year later, I found out that for KING & COUNTRY wrote the song for their younger sister who was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  What amazing insight they have for what she is going through.  I am just some random person, diagnosed with Lyme's and that song speaks to me.  I am sad that their young sister is dealing with Lyme's but so grateful that her brothers can see her struggle and wrote a song to encourage her and by doing so, me.

Check it out.  I hope it brings you encouragement with whatever life is giving you right now.



Here is a link to the story behind the song.  Love it!


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